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Find your English Literature tutor with Tutorspot today - a stress-free solution to ensuring you get the grades you deserve. Our English Literature tutors are experts in their field and can provide you with the skills, knowledge, syllabus and tips and tricks you need to succeed in your studies and exams. Regardless at which level you are studying at, whether that be GCSE English Literature or A-Level English Literature, our online tutors are here to help you. 

Our professional, online English Literature tutors will arm you with the techniques to ensure you ace your exams or studies and can also provide you with a different way of approaching a question which you are unsure on how to solve. What’s more, many of our English literature tutors are teachers, lecturers and professionals in their line of work and have many years of experience tutoring children and young people  behind them. That’s why with Tutorspot, it’s important that we give you the freedom to choose the English Literature tutor which is perfect for you and your academic level, as well as advising you in a way that only you understand. 

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71 English Literature tutors available.

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Fully qualified English tutor with over 18 years of teaching GCSE, A level - CELTA, degree, MA Also experience tutoring the Scottish system - S1-S3, Nat 4, Nat5 and Highers

English LanguageEnglish LiteratureEnglish as a Foreign Language
from £30
Responds in 3 hours
235+ hours taught
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Experienced English and Maths tutor. Plan enjoyable lessons, works with the students abilities and create a friendly environment.

MathsCombined ScienceEnglish LiteratureEnglish Language
from £18.85
Responds in 12 hours
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Experienced tutor, and enthusiastic fully qualified teacher with over 4 years experience, giving lessons for KS3, GCSE and A level English Language and Literature, as well as GCSE Media Studies, and GCSE and A level History and Psychology.

HistoryEnglish LiteratureMedia StudiesEnglish LanguagePsychology
from £27
Responds in 9 hours
285+ hours taught

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Newly qualified English teacher with a 2:1 English degree! I have experience with KS3, GCSE and A Level English Language and Literature.

English LiteratureEnglish Language
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Hello, I'm Simrit and I'm a Dental Student with more than 7 years experience tutoring students for KS3, GCSE & A-level. I am familiar with all of the major exam boards.

Business StudiesDentistryChemistryEnglish LiteratureCombined SciencePhysics+8more
from £25
Responds in 1 hour
25+ hours taught
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Experienced Maths and English tutor. Interactive lessons for students for KS1, KS2, KS3 Maths English and Spanish. Tutoring them to their best ability

FrenchPhysicsMathsCombined ScienceSpanishChemistry+3more
from £18
Responds in less than 1 hour
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I’m a Politics with Economics graduate, currently doing postgraduate research.

ChemistryEconomicsMathsEnglish LanguageGovernment and PoliticsCombined Science+4more
from £30
Responds in 5 hours
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Fun, creative, experienced and engaging tutor for Spanish, English and Portuguese. Tutors GCSE Spanish, and the Scottish system for English and Spanish

English LiteratureSpanishMusicEnglish Language
from £28
Responds in 1 hour
20+ hours taught
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Masters Law Student keen to help others for GCSE English Language and English Literature and also Nat 4 and Nat 5 English

English LiteratureEnglish LanguageEnglish as a Foreign Language
from £20
Responds in 2 hours
55+ hours taught
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Very friendly online tutor available with over 4 years experience tutoring KS3 and GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Combined Science as well as English and also A-level Biology and Chemistry. Also has experience with BTEC Science. Happy to help!

ChemistryBiologyMathsPhysicsApplied ScienceTriple Science+5more
from £16
Responds in 7 hours
505+ hours taught

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Advance Your Learning With Our Online English Literature Tutors

With our easy-to-find tutor database, you will be able to secure the perfect tutor for you in minutes and you never know, it may be the most important few minutes of your school, college or university career! Simply use our search tools to find your tutor, then direct message them to set up a convenient time and day for your first online English Literature lesson! Through Tutorspot, you will be able to book and pay for your online tutoring all in one place, making the whole process - from finding your perfect tutor, to when your lesson has finished - very simple and stress-free. 

We have English Literature tutors in Bristol and Sheffield who cater for both online and face-to-face lessons depending on your preference. Many of the Tutorspot tutors also cover subjects such as Science and Maths at various levels which is great if you need further help in other areas of your studies. Regardless of the syllabus, exam board or the books you are reading, our English Literature tutors can cater your learning experience to your needs.