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Discover our fantastic online KS3 Physics tutors at Tutorspot! Experience, knowledge and professionalism is what you can expect from hiring one or more of our one to one Physics tutors who are available for tutored sessions at a time and day that suits you. Regardless of your age or ability, our tutors can help you unravel your weaknesses whilst utilising your strengths so you can become more confident in your KS3 Physics studies, whether you have a specific module you need guidance on, or if you would like on-going help in the run-up to your exams. 

As well as our fantastic KS3 Physics tuition, we can also help with one to one and online tutoring for: 

172 Key Stage 3 Physics tutors available.

Here are some of the top Key Stage 3 Physics tutors.

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Third Year Dental Student, tutoring Maths, Chemistry, Biology

Combined ScienceEnglish LanguageMathsChemistryPhysicsEnglish Literature+ 2 more
Responds in 2 weeks
95+ hours taught
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Maths and science tutor. 

PhysicsMathsChemistryArabicCombined SciencePsychology+ 2 more
Responds in 2 hours
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Imperial College Civil Engineering student tutoring GCSE Maths and Science, as well as A level Maths and Chemistry. I have been tutoring for 3 years and provide high quality lessons tailored to each student. I offer help with revision and use different teaching approaches to each students' needs.

ChemistryPhysicsBiologyMathsCombined Science
Responds in 1 day
40+ hours taught

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Qualified teacher with 5 years experience teaching both key stage 3 and key stage 4 up to GCSE for all three sciences. I specialise in Chemistry

BiologyCombined ScienceChemistryPhysics
Responds in 8 hours
65+ hours taught
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I am an Engineering Lecturer with a strong passion for tutoring. I teach Pure and Applied Maths, as well as Engineering subjects.

Further MathsPhysicsMaths
Responds in 2 hours
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Hello my name is Marian and I'm excited to meet you, I can tutor English, Science and Maths from KS1 - GCSE level

English LiteratureCombined SciencePhysicsMathsBiologyChemistry+ 2 more
Responds in 4 hours
15+ hours taught
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I’m a Third year Mechanical Engineering student at university. GCSE and A Level Maths and Physics Tutor.

MathsPhysicsEconomicsFurther MathsEnglish Language
Responds in 2 hours
80+ hours taught
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Qualified teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Secondary level Education. Speciality in AQA GCSE curriculum.

PhysicsCombined ScienceBiologyChemistry
Responds in 15 hours
55+ hours taught
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Qualified science teacher in Manchester. Online GCSE Science and Maths Tutor. I also tutor English and maths and have 15 years experience as a tutor and as an examiner in Physics for a major exam board. Lessons in secondary school science and maths.

Combined ScienceBiologyChemistryMathsPhysics
Responds in 17 hours
120+ hours taught
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I am a 1st year engineering student at top university in London, tutoring Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for KS3, GCSE and A Level, as well as French. I am fully bilingual in French and English and have tutoring experience.

ChemistryPhysicsMathsFurther MathsMechanical EngineeringFrench+ 1 more
Responds in 12 hours

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Progress Your Learning With KS3 Physics Tutors 

There is no doubt that our KS3 Physics tutors can become an invaluable resource for your studies, revision and exam preparation. Whilst each session is catered to your learning requirements, you will also be able to ask as many questions as you like and your tutor will do their best in explaining the answer in the way that you can easily understand. What's more, your tutor(s) will be able to mark mock exams and past papers so you can become to feel more comfortable in answering exam type questions. 

As professionals in their field of work, our Physics tutors are some of the best in the UK. Within our portfolio, we have physicians, University lecturers, primary and secondary school teachers, plus many more. To find your perfect KS3 Physics tutor, use our stress-free search filter and scroll through our great range of online Physics tutors who you can message directly to ask questions and book your first session. 

If you require further information about our KS3 Physics tutors or would like one of our team to guide you in the right direction, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you where required.