Mohamed H photoOnline tutor for GCSE Maths and science subjects. I have a degree in Medical Science and am now studying Medicine. I am a very friendly tutor, and love Maths and Science and sharing knowledge with students to help them to enjoy the subjects as well, and to do the best they can.
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Mohamed H

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MathsPrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSEIGCSEIBA-LevelS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
Further MathsGCSEIGCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
BiologyKey Stage 3GCSEIGCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
ChemistryKey Stage 3GCSEIGCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)
Combined SciencePrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSEIGCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
PhysicsKey Stage 3GCSEIGCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)
ArabicGCSEIGCSEIBA-LevelPre UGraduateAdultS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)Advanced Higher (Scotland)
Triple ScienceGCSEIGCSE
GCSEJarablous secondary schoolNatural science and health40/40
GCSEJarablous secondary school Mathematics 57/60
A-LevelManbij high school Chemistry 20/20
A-LevelManbij high schoolMathematics 57/60
A-LevelManbij high schoolBiology 29/30
A-LevelManbij high schoolphysics40/40
A-LevelCardiff and Vale CollageMathematics A*
BachelorsSwansea University Medical school Biomedical science 2:1
BachelorsEuropean University Medicine83%
Combined Science (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£20
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£20
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£20
Combined Science (Key Stage 3)£20
Biology (Key Stage 3)£20
Maths (Key Stage 3)£20
Physics (Key Stage 3)£20
Chemistry (GCSE)£20
Arabic (GCSE)£20
Maths (GCSE)£20
Combined Science (GCSE)£20
Triple Science (GCSE)£20
Further Maths (GCSE)£20
Biology (GCSE)£20
Physics (GCSE)£20
Maths (IGCSE)£20
Arabic (IGCSE)£20
Further Maths (IGCSE)£20
Combined Science (IGCSE)£20
Physics (IGCSE)£20
Biology (IGCSE)£20
Chemistry (IGCSE)£20
Triple Science (IGCSE)£20
Arabic (IB)£20
Maths (IB)£20
Arabic (A-Level)£20
Maths (A-Level)£20
Arabic (Pre U)£20
Arabic (Graduate)£20
Arabic (Adult)£20
Arabic (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Biology (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Physics (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Chemistry (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Combined Science (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Further Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£20
Maths (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Arabic (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Biology (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Physics (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Chemistry (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Combined Science (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Further Maths (National 4 (Scotland))£20
Biology (National 5 (Scotland))£20
Arabic (National 5 (Scotland))£20
Combined Science (National 5 (Scotland))£20
Maths (National 5 (Scotland))£20
Further Maths (National 5 (Scotland))£20
Arabic (Higher (Scotland))£20
Maths (Higher (Scotland))£20
Arabic (Advanced Higher (Scotland))£20
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