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MathsPrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSE
English LanguagePrimary (KS1 & KS2)
BiologyKey Stage 3GCSE
ChemistryKey Stage 3GCSE
Combined ScienceKey Stage 3GCSE
PhysicsKey Stage 3GCSE
Common EntranceCommon Entrance
Common Entrance - MathsCommon Entrance
Common Entrance - EnglishCommon Entrance
Common Entrance - ScienceCommon Entrance
Eleven Plus Entrance ExamEleven Plus
Eleven Plus - Verbal ReasoningEleven Plus
Eleven Plus - Non-verbal ReasoningEleven Plus
Eleven Plus - Mathematics & Numerical ReasoningEleven Plus
Eleven Plus - EnglishEleven Plus
Food & NutritionGCSE
BachelorsUniversity of Birmingham Chemistry and Pharmacology 2.1
MastersUniversity of Birmingham Materials and NanochemistryPass
MastersUniversity of Birmingham PGCE Teaching qualification Pass
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£40
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£40
Combined Science (Key Stage 3)£50
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£40
Biology (Key Stage 3)£40
Physics (Key Stage 3)£40
Maths (Key Stage 3)£40
Maths (GCSE)£50
Physics (GCSE)£50
Biology (GCSE)£50
Food & Nutrition (GCSE)£50
Chemistry (GCSE)£50
Combined Science (GCSE)£50
Common Entrance - Maths (Common Entrance)£60
Common Entrance (Common Entrance)£60
Common Entrance - Science (Common Entrance)£60
Common Entrance - English (Common Entrance)£60
Eleven Plus - Non-verbal Reasoning (Eleven Plus)£50
Eleven Plus - Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning (Eleven Plus)£50
Eleven Plus - English (Eleven Plus)£50
Eleven Plus Entrance Exam (Eleven Plus)£50
Eleven Plus - Verbal Reasoning (Eleven Plus)£50
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