Jannet A photoRecent masters graduate in cognitive neuroscience and an undergraduate in biomedical science
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Tutoring Experience
Lesson Planning
Exam Board Experience
MathsPrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSE
English LanguagePrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSE
English LiteratureKey Stage 3GCSEA-Level
BiologyKey Stage 3GCSEA-LevelGraduate
ChemistryKey Stage 3GCSE
Combined ScienceKey Stage 3GCSE
PhysicsKey Stage 3GCSE
GCSEJoseph Leckie Academy BiologyB
GCSEJoseph Leckie Academy PhysicsC
GCSEJoseph Leckie Academy ChemistryA
GCSEJoseph Leckie Academy Mathematics B
GCSEJoseph Leckie Academy English LanguageB
A-LevelJoseph Leckie AcademyBiology C
A-LevelJoseph Leckie Academy English Literature C
A-LevelJoseph Leckie Academy Business studies B
BachelorsCoventry university Biomedical Science 2.1
MastersUniversity of Birmingham Brain imaging and cognitive neuroscienceMerit
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£20£20
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£20£20
Biology (Key Stage 3)£20£20
Combined Science (Key Stage 3)£20£20
English Language (Key Stage 3)£20£20
Physics (Key Stage 3)£20£20
Maths (Key Stage 3)£20£20
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£20£20
English Literature (Key Stage 3)£20£20
English Literature (GCSE)£20£20
Chemistry (GCSE)£20£20
Combined Science (GCSE)£20£20
English Language (GCSE)£20£20
Maths (GCSE)£20£20
Biology (GCSE)£20£20
Physics (GCSE)£20£20
Biology (A-Level)£20£20
English Literature (A-Level)£20£20
Biology (Graduate)£20£20
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