Daniel B photoQualified Teacher and Scientific educator with a passion for making all students thrive, tutoring GCSE Science, Phyiscs, Chemistry and Biology as well as Astronomy and A Level Biology and Chemistry. Can be flexible with rates if needed.
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Daniel B

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BiologyKey Stage 3GCSEIBA-LevelPre UGraduateS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
ChemistryKey Stage 3GCSEIBPre UGraduateS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
Combined SciencePrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSEA-LevelPre UGraduateS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
PhysicsKey Stage 3GCSES1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
Food & NutritionGCSEA-LevelS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
BachelorsQueen Mary universityBiomedical scienceSecond class honours
MastersCass school of educationPostgraduate certificate in educationDistinction
MastersBart's and the London School of medicineCancer and TherapeuticsMerit
Combined Science (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£25£20
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£30£25
Biology (Key Stage 3)£30£25
Physics (Key Stage 3)£30£22.50
Combined Science (Key Stage 3)£30£22.50
Chemistry (GCSE)£30£28
Food & Nutrition (GCSE)£30£25
Physics (GCSE)£30£25
Biology (GCSE)£30£28
Combined Science (GCSE)£30£28
Chemistry (IB)£30£28
Biology (IB)£30£28
Combined Science (A-Level)£35£30
Biology (A-Level)£35£30
Food & Nutrition (A-Level)£35£30
Chemistry (Pre U)£35£30
Biology (Pre U)£35£30
Combined Science (Pre U)£35£30
Chemistry (Graduate)£35£30
Biology (Graduate)£35£30
Combined Science (Graduate)£35£30
Biology (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£30£28
Combined Science (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£30£25
Chemistry (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£30£28
Food & Nutrition (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£30£25
Physics (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£30£25
Chemistry (National 4 (Scotland))£30£25
Food & Nutrition (National 4 (Scotland))£30£25
Biology (National 4 (Scotland))£30£28
Physics (National 4 (Scotland))£30£25
Combined Science (National 4 (Scotland))£30£25
Food & Nutrition (National 5 (Scotland))£30£25
Biology (National 5 (Scotland))£30£25
Physics (National 5 (Scotland))£30£25
Chemistry (National 5 (Scotland))£30£28
Combined Science (National 5 (Scotland))£30£25
Biology (Higher (Scotland))£35£30
Food & Nutrition (Higher (Scotland))£30£25
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