Catherine  A photoHi, I'm Catherine. I'm a medical student University and a tutor. I genuinely enjoy teaching and would take pleasure in seeing every single one of my students improve and succeed and I'd be keen to tutor students of all ages. Let's use this time effectively to catch up and get ahead!
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About Catherine
Tutoring Experience
Lesson Planning
Combined ScienceKey Stage 3GCSE
ChemistryKey Stage 3GCSE
MathsPrimary (KS1 & KS2)
BiologyKey Stage 3GCSEIBA-LevelPre U
English LanguagePrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3GCSEIB
English LiteratureKey Stage 3GCSEIB
GCSEWellington College English Literature 9
GCSEWellington CollegeAncient Greek A*
GCSEWellington College Chemistry A*
GCSEWellington College Biology A*
GCSEWellington College History A*
GCSEWellington College Maths 8
GCSEWellington College Latin A*
GCSEWellington College English Language 8
GCSEWellington College Spanish A*
GCSEWellington College Geography A*
GCSEWellington College Physics A*
IBWellington College HL Biology 6
IBWellington College HL Chemistry 6
IBWellington College HL English 7
IBWellington College SL History of Art 7
IBWellington College Math Studies 7
IBWellington College French Ab Initio 7
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£15£12
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£15£12
Combined Science (Key Stage 3)£16£13
English Literature (Key Stage 3)£16£13
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£16£13
Biology (Key Stage 3)£16£13
English Language (Key Stage 3)£16£13
English Literature (GCSE)£18£15
Biology (GCSE)£18£15
English Language (GCSE)£18£15
Combined Science (GCSE)£18£15
Chemistry (GCSE)£18£15
Biology (IB)£25£22
English Literature (IB)£25£22
English Language (IB)£25£22
Biology (A-Level)£25£22
Biology (Pre U)£25£22
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