Alix L photoExperienced and Enthusiastic Primary Teacher for both the Scottish and English Curriculum Specialising in Maths and English
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MathsPrimary (KS1 & KS2)S1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
Further MathsS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
English LanguagePrimary (KS1 & KS2)Key Stage 3S1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
English LiteratureKey Stage 3S1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
ChemistryKey Stage 3S1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
Business StudiesNational 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
HistoryS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)
Art & DesignS1 - S3 (Scotland)National 4 (Scotland)National 5 (Scotland)Higher (Scotland)
BachelorsUniversity of AberdeenMA Education2:1
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolArt and DesignA
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolChemistryB
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolBiologyA
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolEnglishA
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolHistoryA
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolAdministration and ITA
National 5 (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolMathsA
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolArt and DesignB
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolBusiness ManagementA
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolPsychologyA
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolEnglishA
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolMathsA
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolHistoryB
Higher (Scotland)Craigie High SchoolChemistryB
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£25
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2))£25
Chemistry (Key Stage 3)£25
English Language (Key Stage 3)£25
English Literature (Key Stage 3)£25
English Literature (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
History (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
Further Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
Chemistry (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
Art & Design (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
English Language (S1 - S3 (Scotland))£25
Chemistry (National 4 (Scotland))£25
English Literature (National 4 (Scotland))£25
Further Maths (National 4 (Scotland))£25
Maths (National 4 (Scotland))£25
English Language (National 4 (Scotland))£25
Art & Design (National 4 (Scotland))£25
Business Studies (National 4 (Scotland))£25
History (National 4 (Scotland))£25
English Literature (National 5 (Scotland))£25
History (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Maths (National 5 (Scotland))£25
English Language (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Business Studies (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Art & Design (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Further Maths (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Chemistry (National 5 (Scotland))£25
Business Studies (Higher (Scotland))£25
English Literature (Higher (Scotland))£25
Maths (Higher (Scotland))£25
Art & Design (Higher (Scotland))£25
English Language (Higher (Scotland))£25
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